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Car repairs & maintenance services in Edgeworth

Edgy Car Mechanics is a car servicing and repair shop located in Edgeworth. Our skilled mechanics service cars of all makes and models.
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Logbook Servicing

We perform logbook servicing on cars of all makes and models. We’ll use the logbook provided by the manufacturer to check and service everything under the bonnet. Our logbook service can be done within a few hours to have you back on the road in no time.
Along with regular logbook servicing, we also do transmission servicing. We can provide all necessary transmission service, including draining and changing the transmission fluid, replacing transmission filters, and installing new pan gaskets. Get transmission servicing for both automatic and manual transmission cars.
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Come for your regular maintenance at our workshop. If something’s not working as well as it used to or you want to stay ahead of repairs, we’re here to help. Bring your car by and we’ll do any routine maintenance you need to keep things running in top shape. Our maintenance includes tyre rotations, radiator maintenance, cooling system maintenance and more.
A/Cs are one of our areas of focus. We know the hot summers can make life more difficult, and air conditioning is a top priority when it starts warming up. If your car A/C isn’t blowing out cold air like it should, come and let us take a look. It may just need A/C re-gassing to get back to working condition again. We do A/C re-gassing and maintenance.


We perform repairs on air conditioning, cooling systems, radiators, brakes, clutches and transmissions. All parts needed for the repairs can be sourced and purchased through our workshop. If you service your car at our shop, you can get towed here for repairs if you break down within 25km of our location.

Courtesy Cars

When you’ve got a repair that will take some time, we offer courtesy cars through your insurance. We currently have 2 courtesy cars that we can provide for your use when your insurance allows for it. There will be no cost to you expect the fuel you use!

Capricorn Members

We are official Capricorn members, providing repair services covered by your insurance plan. If you need repairs or service sponsored by Capricorn, we’re ready to take your case.

Products We Trust

When you entrust your car to us for repairs and servicing, you can be confident we’re only using the best parts and fluids. For brakes and clutch repairs, we trust Bendix Brakes. On other repairs and maintenance work, we source top-quality parts from Ryco. For batteries we stock only the best from Century Batteries.
Valvoline is our brand of choice for all engine oils and fluids. If you’d prefer to use your own brand of oils or fluids, you can bring those in when you drop your car off and we’d be happy to honour your request.